Signs he wants a baby with you

He might not be saying it directly, but there are some pretty clear signs he wants a baby with you. He might even tell you that he’s done having kids (or doesn’t at all want any more). Although an outright statement like that is certainly reason for red flags to go up, there are other subtle clues that can point toward his baby-making intentions.

Signs he wants a baby with you:   He makes future plans and sticks to them

If your guy’s ready for a baby, it’s not because you’ve been talking about it non stop or even at all. If he wants to have kids with you, then the subject just naturally comes up in conversation—even if it’s just you who brings it up. When he talks to his friends, family, or even you about what your kids will look like and how many he’d like, he seems excited about the future.

Signs he wants a baby with you:   He talks about his past experiences

Although not talking about children might not mean anything, bringing up the topic of children with his friends or family could be a sign he wants kids. So could talking about things that happened to him as a child—or even things he did when he was younger. If it’s clear he has good memories of these events, they’re probably not just flights of fancy—he’s telling these stories because they’re his life.


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