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Most Expensive Items In Old School RuneScape

Jul 15

There are many items to be found in the wide world of Old School Runescape. Some rarer than others, some worth more OSRS gold and sold at a higher price on the market. The rarity can make an item go for much less but it also means there's not as large of demand from players looking for that specific thing you have - so if you're lucky enough to find something like the items mentioned here don't let your opportunity pass!

What Are The Most Expensive Items In OSRS?

In the world of OSRS, there are plenty of items that could be considered expensive. However, some stand out more than others, and these four are among them. The 3rd age bow is worth 541M GP to start with. It's a rare item after all so you'll have to pay more in order to get your hands on one. Next is the Scythe of Vitur that will set you back 740M GP if purchased straightaway while Elysian Spirit Shield fetches about 835 million OSRS GP. And for those looking for the most expensive item in OSRS, look no further than the Twisted Bow. This weapon will set you back by over 1 billion OSRS GP.

How To Get These Expensive Items

You may have seen the eye-watering prices that are found at the top, but thankfully there is a way to get your hands on them without having to buy them. For example, if you can complete elite and master treasure trails then you could be rewarded with 3rd Age Bows. If successful in getting this item it will combine both short bow OSRS speed as well as longbow range giving players an item useful for rangers of all levels.

The Scythe of Vitur is a powerful weapon for those who are able to wield it. You can grab the blade and use it without having to spend any gold in OSRS, though you'll need 75 strength if you want to access as well as Attack level requirements that match your combat style. The Theatre of Blood located underneath Ver Sinhaza castle has an arena where one may find this dangerous sword; be sure not to underestimate its power or take on opponents before meeting the necessary Strength levels required by wielding such a mighty blade.

Both the Elysian Sigil and Elysian Spirit Shield, two of the rarest items in this game that will make a player's dream team complete. The only downside is getting both these expensive goods at once; however, there is an option to get your hands on one or another for free with tough challenges ahead. For example, if you're lucky enough to find an Elysian Sigil from killing Corporal Beast (which would be very hard), then all you need now is a Blessed Spirit Shield which can also be obtained in the same mission.

The Twisted Bow is the most expensive bow in Old School Runescape and can hit for 89 damage when used with Dragon Arrows. If you want to get it without paying, then you need to finish Chambers of Xeric and be lucky enough that it drops from a 3% chance drop rate when you finish this dungeon.