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BEST Practices FOR Commercial Lawn FERTILIZATION

Oct 18


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When should the use of fertilizers be performed?


Property managers are worried about helping the grass recover from brutal Utah winters. This means making grass back to its green. In summer, it's all about keeping an aesthetically pleasing lawn in spite of the extreme sun, intense heat and increased foot traffic. Fertilizing your turf is a tried and tested method of keeping your lawn in good health. Fertilizers should be applied with care during the summer months. Here are some tips regarding when and how to fertilize in the summer.


Can you fertilize your lawn In the summer?


To keep grass green and grow solid roots, the three most essential elements are nitrogen, potassium and the phosphorus. The development of healthy roots is aided by phosphate and potassium, while nitrogen encourages lush soft green grass. The majority of the minerals grass requires to thrive are found in the soil. But, fertilizer acts as a supplement or vitamin that allows it to flourish and expand quickly. Fertilizer is dangerous if you apply it excessively. In the event of applying too much fertilizer, it can result in fertilizer burn. In addition, applying too much fertilizer can result in your grass becoming less lush. Finding the right balance is essential to maintain an even fertilization schedule.


What are the best times to apply FERTILIZER in the summer months?


The kind of fertilizer you choose to use will affect the frequency of fertilization. Slow-release fertilizer is available from a variety of businesses. It provides nitrogen over a longer period of duration. It isn't necessary to fertilize as frequently - perhaps every six to eight weeks, depending on the frequency you water your lawn or the temperature. If you're applying commercial fertilizer for your lawn, it's recommended to be used every four weeks.


The fertiliser for spring should be applied when the soil temperature reaches 55°F, with grass is just beginning to grow. It is typically about mid-April across the United States. It is recommended to fertilize every 4-8 weeks, based on the frequency of watering and how high the temperatures get. This will enable you to plant grass in the latter part of September or October. We suggest following the fertilization schedule from spring to autumn.


How often do you need to fertilize your lawn during the summer?


  • The first feeding is usually around mid-April.
  • The second feeding occurs typically, it occurs in May or 4 weeks later.
  • The third feeding occurs typically, it occurs in July, or up to six weeks later.
  • The fourth feeding occurs it's typically in mid-August, or six to eight weeks later.
  • The fifth feeding takes place in October, or six to eight weeks later.


Fertilization is a complex process. In order to keep your lawn looking healthy and green all the way from spring through autumn, you must be more than simply apply fertilizer. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when it comes to fertilizer feeding and lawn maintenance.


Don't over-fertilize your plants. Property managers must be cautious when applying fertilizers in the summertime. Over-fertilizing lawns could cause brown spots and damage.


Mineral salt is utilized in the chemical fertilizers. It can lead to burns on lawns. A lot of fertilizer can cause soil to build up and then dry out and result in the grass becoming brown or yellow.

It is recommended to use more fertilizer to water your lawn.

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