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Pinup Studio NC For Hair Color

Sep 13

Color correction is a complicated process. Professional hair colorists are able to tackle a variety of color correction issues. Pinup Studio provides expert color correcting services. If you're unhappy with the existing color or prefer a more soft, natural look, color correction can help you achieve that look you're after.

Shaunie Pinup

Shaunie Pinup Studio is a distinct hair salon, with a casual ambience. The team has experience cutting and coloring, and Shaunie is an expert in adding texture and dimension to a person's hair. While many salons focus in a specific type or type of hair Shaunie has a large choice of options, which include mullets and shags. She also likes mixing colors and hand-painting dimensional colors. Each day, Shaunie is joined by her companion, who is fond of sleeping and greeting customers.

Kelly Grace

Kelly Grace Hair Studio is a place where women can find that hair shade and style they've always wanted. The studio's mission is to be a judgment-free area that accommodates all women. Throughout the years, stylists from the studio have continued to grow and perfect their craft. If you'd like to get your hair colored or styled by the studio's artists and stylists, you can book an appointment on the internet or come to the salon in person.

The salon has a staff of highly trained stylists who can achieve any hairstyle you'd like. Shaunie who runs the studio, specializes coloring and adding texture to your hair. She is well-aware of the particular needs of women and the particular care they require to give to ensure that their hair looks and feels their best. She also loves to mix shades and paint dimensional colors for a more dimensional appearance.

Kelly Grace Hair Studio offers several styles for women who love vintage styles. The makeup specialist, Sarah London Bergman, has experience creating period-inspired looks for films. The salon also provides full-service salon. The vintage-inspired designs offered at Kelly Grace's Pinup Hair Studio are also offered at the studio's sister salon, Pinups & Pompadours.

Kelly Grace hair color at nc-Pinup Studio is a non-judgment environment and staff members are passionate about their work. They continue to learn and enhance their skills so that they can meet the needs of their clients. If you're seeking an unforgettable experience, you can visit the studio online and book an appointment.

Pinup Studio is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The salon was established in 2017 by Fernanda Figueira and has since enlarged its workforce and moved to larger premises. The studio has an impressive social media following and puts all profits in the studio. The team at Pinup Studio is friendly and enthusiastic about helping their customers feel and look their best.


When you go to NC-Pinup Studio to color your hair You will be welcomed into a safe atmosphere. Women of all ages are welcome here and are able to request any type of service. The stylists and stylists in this salon are dedicated to continuing to learn and improve in their craft, and will work with you to achieve the look you desire. It is possible to request services on the internet.

The team of hairstylists from NC-Pinup Studio are highly trained and experienced. Every artist has held the highest levels of leadership and is skilled specifically in the pinup Studio Principles. They also have successfully completed the rigorous requirements for education. Therefore, every stylist is dedicated to continuing professional development.

The pinup studio is specialized in bridal makeoversthat include the styling of hair and make-up. The salon also offers other services to help you celebrate your wedding. From hair to makeup The team will provide you with a look that you will love! The makeover experience at NC-Pinup Studio is sure to make your special day memorable.

If you're in the market for a bold color, but aren't ready to commit to a color that will last a long time, the temporary dye for hair is your best choice. Temporary hair dye sticks to the outer surface of your hair follicles and can be easily removed with shampoo. Professional hair salons have expertise using temporary hair dyes and will recommend the most suitable ones according to your hair type.

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