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Five Things Every Good Lawn Care Program Must Have | Georgetown Landscaping Companies

Dec 26

The lawn is getting prepared for winterand autumn is here! We'd like to talk about the actions you should take to make sure that your lawn is prepared for winter. Here are five things every lawn maintenance program must include.


Spring is the perfect opportunity to apply fertilizer to your lawn. After months of being completely snow covered, it's important to choose a fertilizer for all seasons that can nourish your lawn. In autumn, your lawn will be storing up nutrients to be used in winter.

A quality fertilizer will stimulate the growth of your lawn and boost its intake of nutrients. It can also help your lawn recover from any stresses. Whatever the weather is, fertilizer will be available to aid your lawn thrive.

Weed Control

There are a variety of weeds that could be an issue for lawns. Combining hand-picking the roots and organic, odorless spot treatments can provide the most effective protection. It is crucial to identify the kind of weeds that could be causing problems for your lawn. Here is a list of the most common lawn weeds georgetown landscaping companies have discovered:

Crabgrass is a widespread and a tough weed. It is essential to keep your lawn watered regularly. When the clover is in bloom, it could require several treatments.

Protection Against Surface Insects

Your lawn could be suffering from pests when it shows brown patches, spongy patches, or ceases to grow. Pests that cause problems should be dealt with promptly. Use our guide for best practices!

There are a variety of insects, but the most common are the grubs. Grubs are c-shaped, white/yellow larvae that are found during June Beetles, European Chafers, and Japanese Beetles.


The ability of your lawn to withstand environmental stresses can be enhanced by Aerating it. Aeration can also help reduce the amount of thatch and boost nutrient and water absorption. Aerating your lawn following an extended summer can aid in the recovery of your lawn.

Compost and Seed App

The quality of your soil is enhanced through compost. This lets your grass retain and absorb moisture and nutrients in a greater amount. Our unique mix contains grass seeds and the granular compost. It also functions as an overseeder.

It is important to adjust your lawn's conditions to ensure an aesthetically healthy lawn. It is possible to revive your lawn using treatments which aren't necessary to maintain a healthy lawn. It is important to consider the seasons change when you treat your lawn.

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