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The 5 most frequent garage door Problems

Dec 25

A majority of people do not give their garage door much thought. It's working fine until it doesn't. The most common issues have been listed below along with the most common solutions. These issues can be repaired by you or by one of our Durham garage door repair specialists. These are five common problems with garage doors:

Opening and Closing with A Thud

There are many possible causes to explain why doors open and close with a bang. A broken spring or lifting cable could be the reason. It is crucial to examine the springs and determine if they are broken. For a solution, our garage door repair specialists will be able replace cables and springs.

The Hinges are Off The Door

For emergency repairs, call us in the event that your door is completey broken. The problem could be small. It could be due to misalignment on the tracks on the horizontal side or brackets that are loose, or bolts that are not tightened. You can check that the bolts and brackets are secured if the rollers remain in the tracks. It is also possible to ensure that the tracks are aligned correctly and that all tracks are parallel.

After closing, the Door Closes A Little But Then Opens Up Again

In most cases, when the door closes in a small amount, and then comes back up, it's because the sensors aren't aligned properly or the sensitivity on the remote opener isn't set to a sufficient level. Increase the sensitivity on your remote, and check whether that solves the issue. Make sure that the sensors can be communicated properly in the event that they don't. The sensors communicate with the invisible beam. Every interruption is considered to be an indication that someone or something hinders the door from closing. Verify that the sensors are aligned on the panel that controls it. An indicator light should stop blinking and appear on the control panel.

Sometimes, the Door opens, but not always.

The problem could be caused by the batteries inside your remote opener. Replacing them should resolve the issue. Even though, in remotes that have been made before 1993, it is possible that your neighbor has a device that uses the same frequency of wave and the same transmission code. If this is the case, you should change your transmission code. This is to ensure that the door is able to open and close correctly.

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Power Outage

Your garage door will function even if there's an interruption in power. It is necessary to manually open the garage door, using the emergency cord.

These are the most important 5 most frequent issues with garage doors. We invite you to call our garage door repair experts to discuss any other issues. Based on the severity of the problem, you might decide to replace your door with a new model.

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