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Nov 25

A drip edge is an important roof component that homeowners overlook. You might be asking, "What is the drip edge?


A drip edge is a thin sheet of metal (aluminum, galvanized steel, or copper) that attaches to the roof's gutters.

It may not be easy to see if a homeowner opts for a drip edge. You can see the perimeter of the metal strip under the 2-inch shingle roof cover.


Although it might seem easy, roofing with Advosy is a complicated process that requires a lot of science.

Water has two distinct properties: adhesion, and cohesion. They are not discussed here. This is simply the attraction to other substances.

This picture, although it might seem absurd, shows water's adhesion and cohesion capabilities. Water molecules are held together by cohesion and adhesion.

Let's look at how a drip edge could help your home. The 2-inch overhang doesn't absorb all of the water from your Shingles.

Water has strong adhesion qualities, so water can attach to the underside of the shingle, and then climb up to your house.

Although it may seem hard to believe that water can flow upwards, it is possible. Instead of wrapping a towel around the tip, you can dip it in a cup of water. The water seeps into the towel. This is how plants get water from the ground.

You should have drip edges. Water can get between your roof decking and your shingle. Your roof deck could become stained. Your fascia will eventually become soiled and decayed from the water. The drip edge collects water at the base of your shingles and directs it to the ground.


Many homeowners prefer to match the color of their home or roof with a specific type or color drip edge. I've mentioned "purely functional" before.

  • Drip Edge in Aluminum

This is the most popular alternative because of its antioxidizing properties (it resists corrosion) and color options.

  • Galvanized steel

Aluminum is a more affordable option. Aluminum is a cheaper alternative, but it tends to rust faster.

  • Copper Drip Edge

For a more upscale appearance! Copper is a stunning addition to any home.

  • Aprons for the Gutters

Gutter edge aprons are a special drip edge that directs water into your gutter system. It does not allow water to leak behind your gutters, which can cause corrosion and rot.